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Varnish 2C -1.1L Matt
Rubio Monocoat Oil Varnish 2C is a solvent- and water-free oil that can be used to give a long lasting satin finish to wooden surfaces oiled with RMC. RMC Oil Varnish 2C creates a scratch free layer on top of the RMC Oil Plus 2C, which creates a warm, deep finish. In contrast to water-based varnishes, RMC Oil Varnish 2C can be applied with a polishing machine with pad. In addition, when the gloss begins to disappear, the RMC Varnish can be restored, either manually or with a polishing machine. If the colour of the surface also needs to be restored, this can be done with RMC Oil Plus 2C, in the colour the surface was originally treated with.

  • Unique characteristics
  • Single layer application
  • No overlaps
  • High coverage
  • Scratch-free results
  • Easy to restore with RMC Oil Varnish 2C for on-site restoration and with RMC Oil Plus 2C for mechanical damage
  • Based on natural ingredients, 0% VOC
  • To be applied with a polishing machine with pad
  • 100% active substance

Varnish 2C -1.1L Matt

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