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Rubio Woodcream Softener

Rubio® WoodCream Softener is the perfect partner to Rubio® WoodCream. By mixing the two together, you can create different colour effects. This allows you to decrease the colour intensity of the existing WoodCream colours and achieve a more transparent effect.

Rubio® WoodCream Softener also allows for an instant aged look, if you mix one of the colours from the Grey Collection with the product.

It is the ideal product for maintenance solutions on wooden surfaces treated with Rubio WoodCream. However, the softener must always be used in combination with Rubio® WoodCream - it is not a stand-alone product.

  • 0% VOCs
  • Reduces the solid content without changing the viscosity
  • Easy to work with in hot conditions
  • Reduces the risk of overlaps
  • Easy spreadability on rough and absorbent substrates
  • Reduces layer build-up when renovating and refreshing Rubio® WoodCream, and when Rubio® WoodCream is applied in 2 layers

Rubio Woodcream Softener

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