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Rubio WoodCream

Rubio WoodCreaman innovative wax cream

Rubio® WoodCream is a high-quality, water-based cream that gives vertical wood a stunning look, while allowing the possibility of a weathered look. The special formula is water-repellent, which results in a long-lasting pearl effect.

Rubio® WoodCream is available in 27 different colours, across 3 stunning collections. Also, a transparent version is also available, which allows the wood to age naturally, while still protecting its original beauty. The cream structure makes the product easy to apply and allows the wood to breathe, even if you apply more than one layer.


  • Protects the natural beauty of wood in one layer
  • Water resistant result with long-lasting pearl effect
  • Self-cleaning
  • Cream structure for optimum convenience
  • Choose from 27 colours, across 3 collections
  • 100% ecological, 0% hazardous substances (VOCs)
  • Not film-forming, so will not flake off
  • Excellent for soft wood types
  • Nourishing


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    How does Rubio WoodCream make a difference?

    “The cream structure gives the wood time to optimally absorb Rubio WoodCream, doesn’t cover the wood pores and allows your wood to breathe!”

    See for yourself why Rubio WoodCream is a joy to work with and a feast for the eyes!

    Rubio WoodCream colour collections

    The Rubio lab has developed three beautiful colour collections that will colour and protect your wood and make it water-repellent: The Grey Collection, The Traditional Collection and The Scandinavian Collection. Get inspired!

    Rubio WoodCream
    Rubio WoodCream
    Rubio WoodCream

    Rubio WoodCream Softener

    Are you more of a fan of an aged look on wood, or do you want a more transparent colour effect?

    By mixing Rubio WoodCream Softener with Rubio® WoodCream you can decrease the colour intensity of the Rubio WoodCream colours and create the look you want!

    Although Rubio WoodCream Softener is not a stand-alone product, it aids with maintenance on wood treated with Rubio® WoodCream. The advantage of this is that you only need the two combined to have a really good maintenance product.

    • Ready-to-use product
    • For an aged or a more transparent look
    • Ideal product for maintenance solutions on Rubio WoodCream surfaces
    • 0% VOCs