Doors and Architrave – Rubio Monocoat Store

Looking to protect and refresh your door? Follow these simple steps to prepare, protect and look after the doors in your house. The hardest part is deciding what colour to Choose!



Correct preparation of wood is crucial for an optimal protective finish. Follow the three steps below to sand, clean and prepare your wood for oiling.


After proper preparation, you can start colouring and protecting wood. With our wood treatment oil, you can colour, enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. You can choose your favourite from our wide colour range to create a unique look. Colouring and protecting wood has never been so easy: apply one layer and you're done. Protect your surfaces with these simple steps.

Your surface will be fully cured within 5 days, ready for your aftercare regime to begin.


Protection is only the start of your journey with your wooden project, aftercare is vital if you want to prolong the life of your wood. Preparing, colouring and protecting wood is one thing, but maintaining it is equally as important. You should always regularly clean your wood or, if necessary, refresh and renovate it locally.